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El Paso Enrollment Solutions

Accommodating Your Needs

Our enrollment options provide a comprehensive set of enrollment tools and services designed to give you more flexibility in the marketplace. We can enroll online, offline, 1-to-1, via webinar or through our call center.

Positioning tips for brokers, decision makers and plan administrators:

  • We offer enrollment options that allow you to virtually meet any enrollment need an employer has.
  • We provide professional benefits education, core enrollment, multistate and multilocation enrollments, group enrollment, enroller-assisted enrollment, co-browsing, self-enrollment options and flexible enrollment financing options.
  • Our advantage over other companies is we have professional enrollers committed to providing local service to accounts. Our reps also have an interest in both servicing accounts and conducting new hire and subsequent-year enrollments.
  • We use a Business Quality Indicator score to ensure long-term satisfaction from customers. This index directly affects our reps’ compensation and standing in the company.

Our preferred method of enrollment is always 1-to-1. You get the best employee participation and ensure they all have the same chance to choose benefits that address their individual needs. This also helps employees understand and appreciate the employer-sponsored benefits, resulting in a company’s ability to attract and retain employees.